Activity in Nature-Geocaching-Gymkhana

Geocaching is an outdoor game where participants need to hunt a hidden treasure using a GPS device and the Geocaching App. “Geocach” is the name for the hidden container. There are millions of geocaches in 190 countries waiting to be discovered.

In our Erasmus+ project, we have done our particular version of the game starting from a completely different point: mobile phones forbidden.With all the technological devices that point out the geographic coordinates, people can’t get orientated using their own senses anymore. For this reason, we ban the use of any GPS navigation system. In order to be aware of the world around, we must develop a better sense of cardinal direction.

We have chosen the mining area of Varilongo, next to the quarry, in order to learn about the negative impacts that big mining companies cause in our environment.

Have a look at the logbook where students write down their answers. Questions and clues are about the environment, trees and rocks, but there are also challenges like singing, drawing or reading a tongue-twister in Spanish.
Have a look at the itineraries for each group, since all the groups have to go through the same points and do the same challenges, but in a different order.

Follow the instructions and overcome the challenges. The students who are guiding are also the judges. Good luck!