Analysis of loss of contact with nature

Data: Lesson Plan: Analysis of loss of contact with nature

Fact: younger generations suffer from a lack of contact with nature. They don’t play outdoors as much as their grandparents and parents used to do. The loss of contact with nature causes many negative effects: depression, attention deficit disorder, stress, lack of creativity, loss of knowledge about all the elements of nature, lack of survival skills, etc…

Activity: students must analyse why this happens; what are they missing out on nowadays? and why?

Objective: gather information that helps students see the gap between generations in relation to contact with nature.

Elaborate the questionnaire that can be used as a basis for the interviews.
Do the interviews individually. Record the interviews and film.
Results: there will be two final results, one at a national level and another one at an international level carried out by groups with members from all the partner countries.

PRODUCT 1: Video
Carried out by every partner: final video with subtitles in English where all the best clips are joined together in order to show the progressive nature deficit over the three generations.

PRODUCT 2: Video Draw my life
Carried out during the mobility in Santa Comba by transnational groups: video Draw my life showing how the students’ grandparents and parents used to spend their free time, comparing them to how they do nowadays.

QUESTIONNAIRE (elaborated by all the Erasmus+ participants of IES Terra do Xallas, 26th November 2018)
Here are the questions that can be used as a guideline for the interview:

• About free time
1 – Do you think that you had free time when you were a child?
– What did you consider “work” and what “leisure”?
– Did you use to play in your free time? Did you make up games? What kind of toys did you have? How did you get them?
2 – Did you use to go swimming in the river? What did you use to do by the river?
3 – Did you use to explore in nature?
– Did you get injured quite often? What did you use to clean and heal wounds?
4 – All these things that you used to do when you were a child, like… (mention examples that they have just provided for question 3), would you like me to do them or would you be frightened if I did them?
5 – What did it mean for you “go to a party”?
– Did you use to celebrate birthdays?
– How did you arrange meetings with friends?
6 – Do you think that kids nowadays are overprotected, that our free time is too regulated?
7 – Do the sounds of nature tell you anything? For ex.: the sound of the wind, the river, the twittering of birds, insects, etc…  Do they mean something to you?
– Do you still notice them?
– Did you use to eat leaves, roots, herbs, etc… that you don’t do anymore?
8 – Do you feel nostalgia about something from your childhood that you think I am missing it out on?
9 – Why are you constantly telling me: “you are always locked up in your room”? (or any other related sentence that they often tell you)
10 – About school
– How often did you go to school?
– What was for you going to school: a task to do, or free time?
– Did you use to have breaks?
– Did you use to get homework?