School Exchange Partnership under the Erasmus+ programme co-financed by the European Union. Our educational centre, along with 5 other European partners, has drawn up a project that has been financed by the EU in order to carry it out during the biennium 2018-2020.

The selection of the applicant students will be carried out taking into account the following criteria:

1. Level that is being studied in the academic year 2018-19

2. Assessment of maturity and suitability

3. Language level

4. Academic record

1. Level that is being studied in the academic year 2018-19
The programme is offered first to the students that study 1st of Bacharelato and 4th ESO in course 2018-19, because they are at the best age for a European exchange and for being students of IES Terra do Xallas during the two years of duration of the project.
In the case of not covering the number of mobilities requested with the students of 1st Bacharelato and 4th ESO, the program will be offered to students of 3rd year ESO.

The students that are studying 2nd year of Bacharelato in 2018-19 will not be able to participate in the programme because it is unlikely that they will be part of IES Terra do Xallas during the second year. However, these students are offered the possibility of hosting students, as long as the meeting in Santa Comba takes place before May 2019 and if they are necessary for hosting needs.

It should be noted that students of 1st course of Bacharelato are preferential to travel and choose mobility over the students of 4th of ESO, as they are studying 2nd year of Bacharelato in the second year of project duration. The students of 4th ESO are, in turn, preferential in relation to the students of 3rd year ESO, both to enter the programme and to choose mobility.

2. Assessment of maturity and suitability (60%)
The Board of Directors, together with the School Counsellor and the Erasmus+ Coordinator, will assess the applicants by focusing on the following aspects:

Regarding the school rules (1 point-6%): the non-fulfilment of the basic rules included in Chapter 1 of the School Regulations will be assessed negatively.

Effort and commitment (7 points-42%): the applicant must show a great effort and work capacity both individual and team at all times.

Maturity (2 points-12%): the Board of Directors, together with the Erasmus+ Coordinator and the Counsellor, will evaluate the applicants’ degree of maturity.

3. Evaluation of the level of languages (30%)

The lingua franca of the project is English. Therefore, the applicant must prove an optimal level of expression and comprehension in the English language that will be verified by the grade obtained in the subject of English as First Foreign Language in the previous course:

Mark: 10: 10 points (30%)

9: 9 points (27%)

8: 8 points (24%)

7: 7 points (21%)

6: 6 points (18%)

5: 5 points (15%)

Less than 5: 0 points (0%)

4. Academic record (10%)
The overall mark of the previous courses studied will be added in the selection process, with a value of a 10%.

Exclusion grounds
To behave contrary to the School Regulations.
Not to attend the convened meetings.
Not to perform scheduled work.
Lack of commitment to the programme.
Any other reason duly justified by the Board of Directors and the European Programme Coordinator.

Selection process
The students and the school staff will be informed about deadlines, news, general characteristics and commitment of the participants in the tasks concerning the mobilities of the students. The channels of communication will be the following:
Direct and open information on the part of the Headmaster during the teaching sessions
E-mail (teachers)

School webpage
Once the project is awarded, the selection of the candidates will be made taking into account the points 1, 2, 3 and 4 of this document.
The European Programmes Coordinator will monitor the candidates’ activities, their attendance at meetings, delivery of documentation on time and required tasks.