The IES Terra do Xallas will participate in a European Project

IES Terra do Xallas will participate in the “SOS: Sustain of Souls” project along with five other entities from Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Romania. This is a scholarship project that is part of the Erasmus + program funded by the European Union. The center’s sources said that “the general purpose of the project is to analyze the loss of contact that younger generations are having with nature, with work from the ground, from the origin of food, with the game outdoors and, definitively, with everything that surrounds them, including people “. Different activities will be carried out, some in collaboration with the municipality of Santa Comba, in which students will do a study Comparative between the relationship that the generation of grandparents and grandmothers had with nature and what they have in the present.

“SOS: Sustain of Souls” aims to raise awareness among students about the importance of nature and improve communicative competence, especially English because it is the common language of the project. It also aims to deepen the meaning of the European Union.

Presentation in Greece

The two project coordinating professors, Ana Isabel López Novo and Marisol Lorenzo, traveled last week to the 1 EPAL school in Tríkala, Greece, where they presented the IES Terra del Xallas to the five European partners and laid the foundation for the project. The first school exchange meeting will be held in Santa Comba between February 18 and 22, a week in which students from other countries will be welcomed here by the families of the students participating in the project.

Erasmus + is a European education and training program created by the European Union to promote multilateral relationships between students and teachers from member countries, in order to promote personal development and improve employment prospects through learning and experiences that increase the capacities and abilities of the participants . In Spain, the management and supervision of the programs are carried out by the Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education (SEPIE).